August 9, 2011

Watermelon Lingonberry Drink

Recently, my mom and I went to Ikea. It's one of my favorite places. Ask my friends - they all know that I am quite a fanatic of that blue and yellow building. Their furniture is so modern-looking. Such simple design with clean lines. You can't find old-fashioned things in there. You can't get your great grandmother's china cabinet from there. You get something more contemporary.

Their furniture is always nice to look at, but I love their cafe even more. I always get their Swedish meatballs. Always. There's just something about them. Hearty. Full of flavor. And with the mashed potatoes, gravy, and lingonberry preserves on the side, it's just amazing. Every time we go, I must stockpile some meatballs and lingonberry syrup and preserves. Funny how I go grocery shopping at a furniture store, eh? (Personally, I think it's a great marketing strategy.) And maybe, it's because those meatballs just make me feel better. I only go to Ikea several times a year (because it's far away), and it's mostly after piano competitions. (The competition place is really close to Ikea.) Eating meatballs and drinking lingonberry juice calms me down from the competition. It makes my fingers stop sweating. It also makes me feel better when I get honorable mention, and not first, second, or third place at the competition (which happens a lot more than you think it possibly could).

Anyway, with the weather being so hot and sticky these days, I decided to make a watermelon-lingonberry drink. Throw in some chilled watermelon and lingonberry syrup into a food processor. Pulse it several times. And you've got yourself a very nice drink. The lingonberry syrup adds a nice sweetness to it. My cousin deemed it too sweet, but my taste buds thought it was fine. It cools you down. It's fast, simple and you don't even need to turn on the oven or stove (keeping your house nice and cold)! Of course, use seedless watermelon. But since my cousin is over here (yes, the same one that ballroom danced with me a month ago) and brought a gigantic seedy watermelon (only 1 dollar!), I used that instead. My cousin and I ended up taking out the seeds by hand. It's definitely doable, but just tedious. Get a seedless watermelon if possible.

Watermelon Lingonberry Drink

serves two

20 oz. chilled watermelon (without black seeds, white seeds are fine)
2 Tbsp. lingonberry syrup (I used this)


Put ingredients in food processor. Blend until smooth. Enjoy!

P.S. Not a commercial for Ikea. Just expressing my love for that store.


  1. hahaha u sure do love ikea!!
    u ONLY(!)go to IKEA SEVERAL times a year??? guess how often i go!:)
    -u know who this is!!

  2. your blog is awesome and funny
    the watermelon lingonberry drink looks delicious

  3. anonymous(1) - haha. :P thanks for coming by

    anonymous (2) - aww.. thanks :D i really appreciated the comment. come back soon!

  4. I love IKEA too (well in fact I'm a fan of all things Swedish... starting with the language!). Unfortunately we don't have IKEA in Riga and the closest IKEA is I think in Poland :-( but we do have a tiny shop here that sells their stuff. That's my temple :) I love the toys and the accessories and... well everything. I've been to a large IKEA in Saint Petersburg and they had a cafe+food shop there as well, we bought some fantastic potato chips... anyway! the drink you made looks wonderful, and your photos are getting better and better by the way! I've never seen seedless watermelon here, we're old-fashioned :)

  5. Alina - Thanks so much for the comment! I do think my pictures are improving a teeny bit - I got a much better camera for my birthday. :D I've also discovered the wonders of natural sunlight. And about seedless watermelons, they are really common here. I've been eating them since I could remember!

  6. Amanda,
    I totally agree. Pics outside in the natural sun ALWAYS turn out much better than pics taken indoors!!!!
    Again, u know who this is......

  7. u know who this is: Thanks for coming by not once, but twice!


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